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Overseas companies setting up in the UK

When it’s time to expand into the UK you’ll want a knowledgeable, resourceful, local team on the ground.

We’ve been helping international companies get started in the UK since 1999 so we know what’s different here and can ensure you avoid the potential pitfalls and guide you smoothly through the various financial and legislative hurdles.

Whether you're just about to set up your UK operation, or things are getting a bit sticky and you need more proactive local financial management, then talk to us.

If you’re new to the UK, chances are you’ll also have other business requirements and we are happy to share our extensive professional connections to give you all the help you need.

The core services that Merryhill can offer you include:

  • Business structure advice
  • UK entity formation
  • VAT, Corporation Tax and PAYE registration
  • Support with opening bank accounts
  • Accounting system set-up
  • Policy and procedure development
  • General advice about operating in the UK

Get started in the UK with low risk, high impact, and no fuss.

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